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Compact Horizontal Windlasses

The powerful Compact range of horizontal windlasses provides the perfect alternative to vertical models for all recreational, commercial and fishing vessels up to 25 metres. 

Compact series of horizontal windlasses are ideal for installations where chain locker space is at a premium or not easily accessible. These complete above deck units are constructed from composite materials (HR1600/2500 series) and from durable marine alloy housings (HR3500/4000 series) enclosing the powerful and heavy duty motor and gearbox, waterproofing and protecting it from the harsh elements. All running gear is designed for durability and performance, manufactured from marine grade stainless steel with luxury chrome or optional traditional polished bronze finish.

The Compact series incorporates many of the innovative features available across the Storm range.

Rope Chain Management System (rcms) Standard

Some compact models can be used with rope-chain anchor rodes, and selected models are chain only.  
The Rope Chain Management System (RCMS) facilitates smooth rope-chain operation and is available by replacing a standard chain pipe with the RCMS unit. RCMS incorporates a spring loaded finger arrangement fitted to a separate chain pipe that directs and pushes the rope into the inner jaw of the gypsy whilst allowing the chain to follow and pass through automatically. A stripper/peeler assembly fits around the gypsy hub to prevent the rope from jamming and facilitates a smooth vertical drop into the chain locker. RCMS is an integrated and standard unit on the HR600S and should be considered for all Compact models.

Independent Rope Capstan Operation

Most Compact models feature a knurled capstan that can be operated independently of the gypsy/chainwheel for line handling or auxillary purposes.

Manual Operation

Manual operation is standard on all models from HR1600 to 4200 ensuring complete back up should battery power fail or emergency situation prevail.

Ease of Installation

Installation of the Compact range is quick & simple with no separate drive assembly to be mounted below deck.


Operational performance of the Compact models is further enhanced by the high vertical drop to the chain locker and the 90 degree wrap of chain and rope on the gypsy that provides quick and trouble free deployment and retrieval.

Automatic Freefall 

Muir’s Compact range of windlasses includes automatic freefall HFF600 model. These windlasses provide AUTOMATIC and rapid free fall with a simple flick of a switch from the helm. The freefall can be interrupted at any stage.  Ideal for single-handed boating, fishing, or for vessels with inaccessible foredecks. 

And More…

Some of the Compact range are available in 12 & 24 volt and hydraulic options.  Muir offer a full range of accessories to suit the Compact models including electric controls, chain, rope and chain stoppers. 

Easyweigh 900 Windlasses

Horizontal 900W


Compact Horizontal Windlasses

HR1600 Cougar


Compact Horizontal Windlasses

HR2500 Cheetah

3500 1

Compact Horizontal Windlasses

HR3500 Jaguar

3500 1

Compact Horizontal Windlasses

HR4000 Thor

3500 1

Compact Horizontal Windlasses

HR4200 Thor

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