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Vessel Length 6-12m (19-38ft)
Power Supply (DC) Manual
Motor (Watts) N/A
Max Load 227kg (500lb)
Work Load N/A
Amps Work Load N/A
Recovery Rate 36cm (14.5") /revolution
Chain Size 10mm (3/8"), 6mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16")
Rope Size 12mm (1/2"), 14mm (9/16"), 16mm (5/8")
Net Weight VM 5.5kg (12.7lb), VMC 6.5kg (14lb)

Not everyone needs or wants power, so the Manual Vertical series is designed with those in mind. Suited for vessels up to
12m, the manual vertical series has many applications and the above deck installation is fast and simple. The manual series is available in a round base configuration (VM500). Featuring an independent low profile top or capstan and gypsy the units can also be mounted horizontally in the anchor locker, or used as an auxillary unit for line hauling or fishing use.
The low profile, light weight, compact design make this unit ideal for the racing enthusiast who cannot afford the weight or
space of a powered windlass, or for those doing serious ocean cruising or racing who can’t afford to rely on battery power.
Available to suit all chain or rope chain combination (RCMS optional). The heavy duty knurled capstan operates
independently of the gypsy and provides increased line grip. Precision engineered for quick and efficient hauling, the ratchet manual operation system is operated with a standard sheet winch handle and manually released with the same handle.


Chain only

Gypsy with low profile clutch top arrangement (VM)

Round base model (VM)

316 Stainless Steel / Chrome Bronze

Independent gypsy and capstan operation

Capstan models feature heavy duty knurled finish for increased grip

Cone clutch/brake

Stainless steel mounting bolts supplied

Clutch release and manual operation handle

Installation/Operation booklet


Full range of accessories including chain, rope, chain stoppers, snubber kits, devil claws

Rope Chain Management System (RCMS)