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Vessel Length 10-13m (32-42ft)
Power Supply (DC) 12/24V
Motor (Watts) 1000
Hydraulic Pressure 8MPa (1160PSI)
Hydraulic Flow 15L/min (4gal/min)
Max Load 500kg (1100lb)
Work Load 167kg (367lb)
Amps Work Load 125/60
Max Line Speed 15m/min (48ft/min)
Chain Size 10mm (3/8"), 6mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16")
Rope Size 12mm (1/2"), 14mm (9/16"), 16mm (5/8")
Net Weight DC VR 20kg (44lb), DC VRC 22kg (48lb), HYD VR 15.5kg (34lb), HYD VRC 17kg (38lb)
Manual Operation MOS (std on most gypsy sizes)


Polished stainless steel components

Rope chain combination gypsy

Rope Chain Management System (RCMS)

Quick release integrated swivel chain pipe cover

Gypsy with low profile clutch top arrangement

Heavy duty marine grade, dual direction motor in 12V and 24V DC, Hydraulic

Independent gypsy and capstan operation

Capstan model features heavy duty knurled finish for increased grip

Quick fit adaptor

Stainless steel shaft

Cone clutch/brake

Stainless steel mounting studs

Shaft seal

Self lubricating bush

Clutch release handle

Installation/Operation booklet

Manual Operation System (MOS)


Extra deck clearance kit for deck up to 150mm/6”

Full range of accessories including chain, rope, chain stoppers, snubber kits and devil claws

Electric and hydraulic operating options and accessories

Auto anchor – chain counter.