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Model VR/VRC600
Vessel Length 5-9m / 16-29ft
Power Supply (DC) 12/24V
Motor (Watts) 600
Max Load 300kg (660lb)
Work Load 100kg (220lb)
Amps Work Load 75/40
Max Line Speed 25m/min (80ft/min)
Chain Size 6mm (1/4")
Rope Size 12mm (1/2")
Net Weight DC 12kg (DC 26lb)
Manual Operation N/A


  • Rope chain combination gypsy
  • Rope Chain Management System (RCMS)
  • Gypsy with low profile clutch top arrangement (VR)
  • Heavy duty marine grade, dual direction motor in 12V DC, 24V
  • 316 Stainless steel
  • Quick fit adaptor
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Cone clutch/brake
  • Stainless steel mounting studs
  • Shaft seal
  • Self lubricating bush
  • Clutch release handle
  • Installation/Operation booklet


  • Extra deck clearance kit for up to 150mm/6” deck thickness
  • Full range of accessories including chain and rope available
  • Electrical operating options & accessories
  • Auto anchor – chain counter