Drum Winch Rope Chain Kits

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About Drum Winch Rope Chain Kits
Technical Specifications


Every Anchor Rode is spliced, ensuring smooth operation with your anchoring system.

Nylon 3-Strand rope

Nylon 3-Strand Rope provides better elasticity, strength, durability, abrasion, water, and UV damage resistance than any other rope type. Highly recommended for its strength and elasticity, the nylon line prevents your boat from jerking violently as it rolls up and down in rolling waves.

Muir G50 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Chain

Muir G50 High-Test Grade 50 Links are often twice as strong as the Grade 30 chain. Specifically designed for marine applications and tested to meet strict industry standards for strength and durability. The strong and durable hot-dipped galvanized steel protects against rust and corrosion.


Designed to work with Muir windlasses, they are also compatible with other popular brands. Please consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for your windlass and anchor rode to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Rope Chain Table

Kit SKU Designed For Rope length m (ft) Rope Diameter Chain length metres (ft) Chain Size
F821042 DW06 50m (164ft) 6mm (1/4”) 5m (16ft) 6mm (1/4”)
F821043 DW/DFF 08 100m (328ft) 6mm (1/4”) 5m (16ft) 6mm (1/4”)
F821044 DW/DFF 08 80m(262ft) 8mm (5/16”) 5m (16ft) 6mm (1/4”)
F821045 DW/DFF 10, 12, 15 120m(393ft) 8mm (5/16”) 5m (16ft) 8mm (5/16”)
F821046 DW/DFF 10, 12, 15 100m (328ft) 10mm (3/8”) 5m (16ft) 8mm (5/16”)

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    F821042, F821043, F821044, F821045, F821046