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Technical Specifications

Heavy duty up down switches fitted with poly carbon flip top covers and hard – wearing U.V stabilized neoprene boot and each unit is supplied with instructions and fitting screws. Suitable for 12 and 24 volt applications, nickel plated copper contacts provide corrosion free operation. Available in black/white and stainless steel finishes.

These footswitches blend seamlessly with the vessel’s deck, their design an ode to practical elegance. Akin to the footprints left by the sea upon the shore, they find their place upon the deck—subtle yet purposeful, unobtrusive yet powerful. With every press, they summon the anchor from its slumber, weaving a dance that echoes the mariner’s desire.

Manufactured with the sea’s endurance in mind, these footswitches are forged from materials that endure the salt’s caress and the elements’ whispers. Like the vessel’s bow cleaving through waves, they brave the maritime environment, steadfast in their service. Their presence speaks of resilience, each switch a testament to the bond between the mariner and the mechanisms that heed their call.

These footswitches emerge as the mariner’s loyal allies, attuned to the vessel’s energy pulse—whether 12V or 24V. A synchronization of power and purpose, they channel the electric heartbeat of the vessel, uniting it with the mariner’s intentions. With each press of a foot, a command is sent forth—a whisper upon the wind, guiding the windlass to elevate or descend the anchor’s journey.

Amidst the vessel’s decks, these footswitches create a sensory connection—a touch that resonates with the same elegance as the ship’s wooden planks against the waves. And just as a mariner’s journey is a tapestry of steps and stories, these footswitches become companions, a silent duet between foot and mechanism—a narrative woven through the vessel’s maritime saga.

In the maritime lexicon, the Muir Footswitches emerge as conduits of command, bridging the distance between mariner and anchor with the simplicity of touch. As the vessel navigates the boundless sea, these footswitches stand as steadfast sentinels—a reminder that even the gentlest press can summon the might of the anchor, and that every step upon the vessel’s deck is a step towards the realization of a mariner’s intent.

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