Galvanised Short Link Chain

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About Galvanised Short Link Chain
Technical Specifications

This calibrated chain is manufactured from mild steel, welded for high strength, and hot-dipped galvanized for minimal corrosion. It is available in various sizes, please check your gypsy size before ordering.

Technical and Commercial Evaluation – Luxury Vessel Anchor Chain

Muir G80 G43 Requirement
Critical Requirements
Materials Specification G80 G43 L Grade AS2321 (G30)
Dimensional Spec Australian “L” Grade per AS2321 Australian “L” Grade per AS2321 Australian “L” Grade per AS2321
Finish Hot Dip Galvanised Hot Dip Galvanised Hot Dip Galvanised
Gypsy, Chain Lock, and Devils Claw Fitment Check Yes Unknown Yes
Warranted for use on Muir Equipment Yes No Yes
Max Breaking Loads
Factory kN (Tested at Factory) kN (Claimed on Website) kN
8mm 58 52 31
10mm 89 72 50
13mm 156 122 84
Tested (By Muir) kN kN kN
8mm 64 Unknown NA
10mm 102 Unknown NA
13mm 150 Unknown NA
Test Location Muir Production Facility Unknown NA
Test State of Chain Hot Dip Galvanised Unknown NA
Note: 1) Critically important that the chain MBL is tested after the application of Hot Dip Galvanising
2) Many suppliers claim MBLs but this is before Hot Dip Galvanising which can change material properties
3) Muir and its suppliers have tested Hot Dip Galvanised samples
Quality Documentation
ISO9001 Compliant Yes Unknown NA
Class Society Workshop Approval Yes (Lloyds, BV, DNV) Unknown NA
Class society inspection available Yes if required, at a cost Unknown NA
Test Certificate Supplied Yes (Material, Test, and dimensional) Unknown NA

Grade L Short Link Chain

The most widely used certified anchor chain. Grade L is the highest quality lower tensile steel chain for lifting purposes.


D: Dia

W: width

P: Pitch

MWL: Max working load/tonne

WWL Max mass, which the chain hanging vertically shall support in general service

Note: Link dimensions and meters/100kg are subject to commercial tolerances.
For larger sizes and types available e.g. stud link, refer to Mega Catalogue or contact the nearest Muir office.

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    Chain Type

    6mm G80, 8mm G80, 10mm G80, 13mm G80, 16mm G80