• 4 metres spiral cable
  • Electrical protection against back-emf
  • Rubber over-moulding for shock protection and grip
  • Stowage on cradle
  • Operation in parallel with all AutoAnchor products eg toggle switches, foot switches or other control equipment
  • Connect to DC, AC and hydraulic systems
  • Rugged cable and connectors with:
  • Moulded plug and socket rated to IP67
  • 2m flying lead from socket for better connectivity
  • Gold plated contacts on plug and socket to reduce corrosion
  • Socket sealing cap
  • Present the length of rode to deploy
  • Plus Windlass Control with Chain Counter
  • Counts rope/chain or all-chain rode
  • AA703 Base StationChoice of feet, metres or fathoms measurement
  • Logs windlass operating hours for maintenance
  • Easy calibration
  • Electronic diagnostics for troubleshooting installation
  • Auto stop and docking alarm when the anchor is close to docking
  • Two speed operation
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Tough waterproof remote control with LCD for marine equipment with chain counter:

* Windlasses * Thrusters * Lights * Anchorwash * Davits * Passerelles *

Kit includes one handheld console unit with cradle, one base station, a deck socket with 2m lead, a socket sealing cap, one sensor, 2 magnets, screws for the cradle and socket, installation and operation instructions.


Technical Specification

Current Consumption 50mA
Power Supply 12/24V DC
Temperature Range 23°F to 140°F (-5°C to 60°C)
Output Maximum Current Draw 12V DC: 3.5A 24V DC: 3.5A
Output Minimum Current Draw 12V DC: 10mA 24V DC: 20mAWhen connecting to solid stage switching or other low current windlass drive, a PLC or AC variable frequency drive, a dummy resistor load may be required.
IP Rating IP67
Outputs 6
Rode – Chain Only Stainless or galvanised steel
Rode – Rope and Chain Must have a minimum of 10ft (3m) of chain. Chain must be galvanised steel. Rope should be a good quality nylon anchor rope. Type 66 or equivalent
EMC/Protection/CE EN60945
Cable Length

4 m