Auto Anchor – Windlass Controller And Rode Counter


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The Muir Auto-Anchor system is designed to simplify the anchoring process. It allows boat operators to drop or retrieve the anchor with minimal effort, making anchoring tasks much more convenient.

Precision Control: Muir’s technology provides precise control over anchor deployment and retrieval. Users can set the depth and scope accurately, ensuring the anchor is securely in place.

Safety Features: The system is equipped with various safety features to protect both the equipment and the vessel. These may include overload protection, automatic stopping mechanisms, and emergency stop options.

Remote Operation: Many Muir Auto-Anchor systems offer remote control functionality. This means you can operate the anchor from different locations on your boat, providing added convenience and safety.

User-Friendly: While advanced in its capabilities, Muir designs its Auto-Anchor systems with user-friendliness in mind. Installation and operation are typically straightforward, with user manuals and customer support available for assistance.


Power Supply Temperature Range Current Consumption Solenoids Maximum Voltage EMC/Protection/CE Dimensions
12/24V DC 23° to 140°F (-5° to 60°C) 30mA N/A 30V EN60945 Diameter 60mm (2.36″) Standard Marine Instrument Gauge Size.

AA150, AA560

Wireless Option

AA710, AA570