VRC23000 Disassembly and assembly instructions

Remove screws from name plate & remove name plate
Remove retaining bolt & washer from the end of the shaft
Unwind the clutch nut in an anticlockwise direction to raise the capstan
once fully unwound lift the capstan & clutch nut assemble off using M12 eye bolts in the M12 tapped holes in the top of the clutch nut
To remove the clutch nut from the capstan there are 6 x SHCS that need to be undone, access to these screws is through the big 24mm holes in the clutch nut.
Once undone lift clutch nut off the capstan drum.
Remove the keys from the shaft by unscrewing the retaining screws
and then use 1 of these screws to jack the key out of the keyway.
Remove gypsy keeper ring
Remove gypsy keeper ring
Make sure the brake band is locked onto the gypsy and then remove the gypsy
using the M12 tapped holes in the top of the gypsy.
Release the brake from the gypsy and spread brake enough to allow it to drop off the bottom of the gypsy
To remove the gearbox/shaft assemble from the base take the weight of the assembly by screwing a lifting eye in the end of the shaft to lift from and undo the bolts that go up through the gearbox into the bottom of the base,
once removed the gearbox/shaft can be lowered until it comes to rest on the motor mounting flange
Undo the nuts holding the base to the packing frame
and the base can be lifted off the frame/shaft using 2 x M12 lifting holes in the base.
Before going through the polishing process make sure to remove grease, thread locking compound, anti-seize compound, and any other products used during the assembly process.
Once the surface finish process has been completed satisfactory.
Apply grease, thread locking compound, anti-seize where needed and tighten fasteners to general torques indicated below.
Assembly instructions can be obtained by reversing the disassembly steps 1-13 above.