Circuit Breaker / Isolator Panel

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About Circuit Breaker / Isolator Panel
Technical Specifications

Muir circuit breaker/isolator panels protect your windlass and vessel from electrical overload. Featuring an on-off switch, they ensure protection against motor burn-out. They are manufactured from marine-grade materials and are available in 80, 100 and 150 AMPS to suit 12 and 24-volt applications. This unit can also be used as a battery isolator when the windlass is unavailable.

Circuit Breaker Selection Table

Windlass Model Watts 12V 24V
VR/C 0600 600W 80A 80A
VR/C 0850 600W 80A 80A
VR/C 1250 1000W 100A 80A
VR/C 2200 1200W 150A 100A
VR/C 2500 1200W 150A 100A
VR/C 3500 1500W 150A 100A
VR/C 4000 2000W N/A 150A
VFF 0600 600W 80A 80A
VM/VMC 0500 N/A N/A
HR 0650 / HC650 Lynx 400W 80A 80A
HR 1600 Cougar 1000W 100A 80A
HR 2500 Cheetah 1200W 150A 100A
HR 3500 Jaguar 1500W 150A 100A
HR 4000 Thor 1500W 150A 100A
HR 4200 Thor 2000W N/A 150A
VC 0500 600W 80A 80A
VC 0650 600W 80A 80A
VC 0850 1000W 100A 80A
VC 2500 1200W 150A 100A
VC 3500 1500W 150A 100A
VC 0800 (Easyweigh) 600W 80A N/A
H 0900 (Easyweigh) 900W 100A N/A
V 0900 (Easyweigh) 900W 100A N/A
DW 06 400W 80A 80A
DW 08 600W 80A 80A
DFF 08 600W 80A 80A
DW 10 1000W 100A 80A
DFF 10 1000W 100A 80A
DW 12 1200W 150A 100A
DW 15 1500W 150A 100A

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    Muir Circuit Breaker/Isolator Panel – 80 AMP, Muir Circuit Breaker/Isolator Panel – 100 AMP, Muir Circuit Breaker/Isolator Panel – 150 AMP